How It Is

How It Is by Samuel Beckett is in development as Gare St Lazare Ireland's next project and has received a number of research and development sessions as part of the company's residency at Everyman Theatre Cork supported by The Arts Council of Ireland, Cork City Council and University College Cork.  

Still from How It Is work-in-progress filmed by Grant Gee.  

Still from How It Is work-in-progress filmed by Grant Gee.  

The creative team of director Judy Hegarty Lovett, performer Conor Lovett & sound designer/composer/performer Mel Mercier have held several development workshops and work-in-progress presentations at Everyman Theatre in Cork, where the company are Theatre Artists in Residence (Supported by The Arts Council, Cork City Council Arts Office and University College Cork Drama & Theatre Studies).  Presentations have also been held at The Minghella Centre, University of Reading, Le Centre Culturel Irlandais and at Lincoln Centre, New York.  

Samuel Beckett's last full-length novel How It Is remains one of his least known works.  The three-part novel is presented in short unpunctuated paragraphs and appears to tell the story of a lone figure in a landscape of mud and darkness who drags with him a sack of tins and a tin-opener repeating, as he journeys, the words of a voice he hears inside and outside his own head.  He encounters a fellow traveller, Pim, and a bizarre relationship ensues followed by Pim's escape.  In a compelling innovation of form that pushes language to its limits, Beckett has created a work that is as evocative and emotionally charged as it is perplexing.  

Having presented ten Beckett prose texts on stage, Gare St Lazare Ireland now bring this unique work to a wider audience through their work.  The company are the worlds only company with a dedicated exploration of the work of Samuel Beckett through his prose, drama and radio drama.  

Funding. Given the complexity of the work and the aim to present it in its entirety the company expect to spend up to 3 years in developing the work.  We are currently seeking presentation partners and funding to bring this work to full production.  A film of recent work-in-progress is available to potential producing partners and funders, on request from the company.  Please contact us for for further information.