The Beckett Trilogy

Molloy, Malone Dies andThe Unnamable are three novels by Samuel Beckett.  Gare St Lazare Ireland's presentations consist of extracts selected by Conor Lovett and Judy Hegarty Lovett and are recited with the kind permission of The Samuel Beckett Estate.  Molloy premiered at Battersea Arts Centre, in March 1996. Malone Dies and The Unnamable premiered at Kilkenny Arts Festival in 2000 and 2001 respectively.  Molloy has been seen in over 200 theatres worldwide.  The Beckett Trilogy (Molloy, Malone Dies & The Unnamable) has toured extensively and continues to be in great demand internationally.

"A cold, hard jewel of a performance, an absolutely riveting experience that, if it ever comes your way, is worth dropping everything to encounter."  Fintan O'Toole, Irish Times.

 "Every word has been carefully chosen and through the magical delivery of Conor Lovett, who puts in possibly the finest performance I have ever seen, the heart of its meaning sets your soul alight even if you do not understand why.

There’s nothing flashy here. No giant sets. No fancy lighting. Just a man with a story to share. A man with passion and love. Once you have seen this you will never go back. You will not want anyone but Gare St Lazare to do Beckett again. Absolutely unbelievable." Edinburgh Guide, January 2011

"Hegarty Lovett’s staging is bare with simple but incredibly effective lighting to reflect the protagonist’s state of mind, allowing all focus to lie on Lovett’s intriguing recital. A truly remarkable actor, he brings Beckett’s texts to life not only as if they were actually written for the stage, but as if they are his own jumbled streams of consciousness, both unwritten and unrehearsed. But the pinnacle of Lovett’s unique skills is that he manages to make something which can seem incredibly daunting become something accessible – a talent that cannot be overemphasized.

But the captivated audience is dutifully still and silent, and Lovett is well-deserving of the eruption of applause and standing ovation at the end.", January 2011. 

"Conor Lovett is considered by many critics to be the greatest Beckett interpreter alive today and judging by the standing ovation he received on Thursday evening from an Arts Festival audience that had been sitting in the same position for nigh on three hours, this reputation has been solidified." Australian Arts Hub, October 2010.



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Conor Lovett in The Beckett Trilogy directed by Judy Hegarty Lovett. Photo by Ros Kavanagh.

Conor Lovett in The Beckett Trilogy directed by Judy Hegarty Lovett. Photo by Ros Kavanagh.