Got Beckett?


Let us lend a helping hand...

With over 20 years experience in putting Beckett on stage we're happy to give our services in a variety of ways.  

Freelance diirecting, mentoring, teaching, consulting are all ways in which Judy Hegarty Lovett and Conor Lovett of Gare St Lazare Ireland have helped others to access the wonderful world of Samuel Beckett. 

We have worked with students, teachers, actors and directors of all levels all around the world. We've worked at Trinity College Dublin, University College Cork, NYU, Fordham, Yale, Emerson, Bard, Boston College, Brown, UCLA, Miami Dade, Shanghai Normal University, Ecole Normale Superieur, University of York, Queens Belfast and Goldsmith's London among many others.   

If you think your project, university, school, rehearsal room, or business could benefit we'd love to explore it with you.  

For a more information and a quote contact us at garestlazare (at) me (dot) com